Mini Storage Packing Tips from Blue Mound Self Storage

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Mini Storage Packing Tips

Here are some tips for getting the most out of your mini storage unit:

  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #1:  Arrange your items in your mini storage unit so that there is an aisle for easy access.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #2:  Label boxes clearly on the top and at least one side.  When you stack boxes, make sure the labels are facing out.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #3:  Pack books in small boxes to make them more manageable for moving.  Also stack books rather than storing them vertically to avoid damage to their spines.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #4:  Box everything you can to keep it neat and clean.  It’s easier to stack boxes in an organized fashion, and boxes will help keep items from getting dirty or dusty.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #5:  When storing chairs, stack them with the seats together.  This saves floor space by using as much vertical space as possible.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #6:  Whenever possible, disassemble items.  This allows you to maximize space, rather than taking up a lot of room with something bulky.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #7:  When storing furniture than can be disassembled, tape all screws, nuts, and bolts to the underside of the piece.  This will make it easier to reassemble the furniture later.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #8:  Heavy items should be arranged on the bottom, and lighter things can go on top.  This protects your lighter items and makes stacks more stable.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #9:  Store long items vertically to maximize space.
  • Mini Storage Packing Tip #10:  When storing lamps, remove the shade and light bulb.  This prevents broken glass and damage to delicate lamp shades.

Mini Storage Made Easy

Blue Mound Self Storage offers storage units in a variety of sizes at our storage facility.  Check out our storage unit size guide to see which size of mini storage unit is right for you.

Whether you’re moving to a town in the Alliance Corridor or just need some extra space for your stuff, Blue Mound Self Storage makes mini storage easy for our tenants.  Our storage facilities are secure and convenient, and we’re here to answer any questions you might have about mini storage.

Email or call Blue Mound Self Storage at (817)439-1485 today. Your best source for mini storage!

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