North Fort Worth Secure Self Storage with Door Alarms

At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, we recognize that security is the number one concern for most self storage tenants. Your possessions are important to you, and at Blue Mound Self Storage, we’ll keep them secure.

Email or call Blue Mound Self Storage at (817) 439-1485 to learn more about our many security features, including video cameras and door alarms.

Blue Mound Self Storage features door alarms with disc locks.

When you enter our secure self storage facility, you input a code at the front gate. This code automatically disarms the alarm on your secure self storage unit. When you are finished at our facility, the door alarm is automatically re-armed as you exit. This allows us to track how long someone is in the facility, to minimize risks to tenants from other tenants. Our door alarms are wireless, which also minimizes issues surrounding cut or broken wires

Haslet Secure Self Storage with 24/7 Access

At Blue Mound Self Storage, our tenants have access to their units 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And our facility is well lighted to make sure you feel secure, even when you access your storage unit in the middle of the night.

Located in the Alliance Corridor, our self storage facility is easy to get to from Haslet, Keller and many North Fort Worth communities. We offer a variety of storage unit sizes – so there’s bound to be one the right size for storing an RV or boat or even a few belongings that you don’t have space for.

Call Blue Mound Self Storage today at (817) 439-1485 to hear about our current move-in self storage rental special!

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