There is vehicle storage and then there is VEHICLE STORAGE, and which one you choose might make a huge difference in the care of your vehicle.

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage specializes in VEHICLE STORAGE.  You can call us at (817) 439-1380 if the care of your vehicle is important to you.

So, what do we mean in those earlier statements?

A lot of self-storage facilities have spaces for vehicles.

A lot of self storage places have spaces for RVs, for semi-trucks, and for most any other vehicle on the road.  Many, like Blue Mound 287, have indoor and outdoor storage for vehicles as well . . . but . . .

How many of them built their mini storage facilities with vehicles in mind?  How many of them went the extra mile to ensure that vehicles received as much care, protection, and attention as personal belongings?

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The owner of Blue Mound 287, Ron Sturgeon, is a car collector, so obviously cars are important to him.  He understands what the climate can do to a vehicle.  He understands how much room you need to maneuver a vehicle in a storage facility.  And he understands that special bond between owner and vehicle, so he designed Blue Mound not only with possessions in mind but with vehicles and boats in mind, and that makes all the difference at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Three types of vehicle storage are available at Blue Mound.  We offer outdoor storage, outdoor covered storage, and indoor storage.  Prices vary based on which of these three options you choose.  The same is true for RV storage: outdoor, covered, and indoor and yes, we have storage units large enough to handle an RV.

Just think about the peace of mind which comes with dealing with Blue Mound.  You go on vacation. What do you do with your $30,000 vehicle? It represents a huge investment for you and your family.  Are you really going to leave it in the driveway for a week while you are in Cancun? Are you really going to leave it in an unsecured garage?  A $30,000 investment? When you think about your vehicle as an investment, it suddenly becomes obvious that you should give it at least a minimum of consideration before leaving it unprotected.  And do you really want a friend or relative looking after it while you are gone?

The only logical solution to this dilemma is to store your vehicle at Blue Mound 287.  There it will be protected as it should be in a secure self storage facility. There is will receive the care it deserves, and there you will fin peace of mind while you go enjoy yourself on that trip.  The prices are extremely reasonable, an added bonus as you take that vacation you so justly deserve.

So there you have it. The Protection Pros at Blue Mound 287 are standing by to give you a price quote.  The Protection Pros at Blue Mound 287 are standing by to give you peace of mind.

Storage buildings come and go, but Blue Mound 287 is here to stay.

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage . . . we specialize in VEHICLE STORAGE!