How to store furniture

Storing your furniture is a great way to keep your furniture safe and in good shape while it’s not in use. Preparing your furniture is something you need to do properly if you want to pull it out of storage in the same shape as when you put it in storage. If not done properly coaches, sofas, mattresses and recliners can get ripped and broken during the storage process. Tables and dressers can lose their finishes by being stretched and dinged and could end up losing their glosses look from unfavorable clement condition inside of the unit. All items such as end tables or coffee tables should be cleaned and then have a coat of some type of polish applied, this will help prevent unwanted scratches that could happen during the moving process. Fabric coaches, recliners, and other items that have a cloth like material should be cleaned and dried completely before storing to prevent mold or mildew growth during storage. Unless you know what you’re doing you should have any leather of delicate fabric furniture taken to a professional for cleaning before storing. Also do not lay any mirrors or class items flat on the ground make sure to place them vertically and use masking tape to put an X over the class or mirror for this will help from shattering. When storing any glass make sure to put some type of padding or buffer in between items, blankets will work well and so will card board just make sure you do not put card board in-between pictures or anything with color as card board tends to bleed the colors out.