Let’s begin with this statement: if you are looking for self storage in Fort Worth, and you are not looking for air conditioned storage Fort Worth, you are making a huge mistake.  In this article we will explain that rather forceful statement, and we invite you to call us at (817) 439-1380 if you have questions. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we have the answers you want and need about self storage.

Why air conditioned storage?

The average temperature in Fort Worth, during the summer months, is 180 degrees!

Just joking, but not by much, and you know that to be true.  Actually, the average high temp in Fort Worth, during the summer, is over ninety degrees.  Allow us to re-word that in another way . . . for over three months, in Fort Worth, the average day, and night, temperature is in the eighties.

That kind of heat will ruin most surfaces and no, we are not talking about sun exposure but rather heat exposure.

Extreme temperature triggers a chemical reaction called oxidation.  Without getting too technical, oxidation means a change in the molecules of surfaces made of wood, cloth, metal, or leather.  It also means a change in the chemical compounds which go into making electronic equipment.  These molecular changes can, will, and do cause damage to the structure of the item.

In other words, in simpler words, extreme temperatures, and in particular extreme heat, will ruin your possessions.  But you don’t need us to tell you that, do you? Surely you have seen sun damage on the surface of cars. Surely you have seen the colors of fabrics fade in the summer sun.  Well basically the same chemical changes are happening to items if left out of the sun but still in the heat.

Art collections? Musical instruments? Photographs?  Mementos?  Computer equipment?  Arts and Crafts? You can name practically anything and it will be ruined by oxidation.

So you need air conditioned storage!

How much does climate-controlled self storage cost?

It varies among storage facilities.  Ask around!  We can tell you that climate controlled storage is pretty standard in the Fort Worth area, and with so many storage facilities to choose from, the price is pretty standard and competitive as well.

So what’s the great price we mentioned in the title of this article?

The great price at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is our everyday price, thank you very much.  And toss in our monthly specials and it will seem like we are giving our storage units away for free. We can tell you that a 5×5 mini storage unit, with air conditioning, can be had for under fifty bucks per month, and that’s not a “special price” at all, but our daily great low price.

Listen, give us a call.  Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. We are locally owned and operated. We have a  ton of experience, and we are a trusted name in the storage industry.  No matter what your needs are, we can handle them.  Let’s get you in the air conditioned storage unit you need today, and a price you can afford.