Mini Storage

Mini storage remains an unknown to millions of Americans, despite the fact there are over 60,000 mini storage facilities in the United States. This article is intended to be an overview of self-storage, hopefully providing enough information so that all of you reading this can make informed decisions regarding storage in the future.

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The cost of mini storage.

We are going to begin our information packet by providing no information about the first topic. The truth is, self storage prices differ from city to city, and even from company to company within any city.  Supply and demand will dictate prices, but to mention prices now would make for obsolete price information six months or a year down the road when you might be reading this.

Generally speaking, the price of a unit rises with the size of the unit.  If you want a price range to consider, small storage units will rent anywhere from$45-$70 per month, with larger units ranging from $120-$170 per month.

To further muddy the waters, prices can also be affected by amenities like climate control self storage, which obviously would cost more.  Your best bet is to simply call around for a price comparison within your city.

How large are self storage units?

The smallest self storage units in the industry are 5’x5’.  At some facilities, the smallest is 5’x10’.  The largest, for household items, will usually be thirty or forty feet in length.  There are RV units which can reach fifty feet in length to accommodate the largest Class A RVs.

There are indoor storage units and outdoor storage spaces.  At some facilities there are even storage units used for small shops, or hobby shops, and they can reach lengths of thirty or forty feet as well.

In terms of household items, a 10’x30’ storage unit can accommodate a three-bedroom home easily.

It should also be noted that most storage units are at least eight feet tall, meaning you are looking at cubic feet of storage rather than square feet, an important factor if you have multiple boxes to store.

What can, and cannot, be stored at a self storage facility?

It is easier to simply list the things which should not be stored at a storage facility:

  • Perishables
  • Explosives
  • Illegal substances
  • Items which will be greatly affected by extreme temperatures
  • Electronics
  • Musical instruments

The first three items on that list are non-negotiable. The others can, potentially, be stored in a storage unit, provided it is a climate control storage unit, thus protecting the items from temperature variations.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

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