One of the major expenses boat owners face, and quite frankly one of the main reasons why there are not more boat owners, is the expense of boat storage during the summer and winter months. Boat storage can be expensive at a marina or boat storage facility, but you do have options which you perhaps have not explored.

That’s what we are here for. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage out of Fort Worth, Texas, and our boat storage solution is applicable for anyone living in any decent-sized city in the United States.

Boat storage in a mini storage facility!

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The cost of boat storage during the winter months

What does it cost for boat storage in a marina near you?  We know nothing about the area you live in, but we are estimating that marina storage near you costs $300-$500 per month, and that’s if there is any available, which there may not be.  Let’s take the average figure . . . $400 per month . . . that is $4800 per year to keep your boat secure in dry dock storage.

That’s a lot of money and, quite frankly, that is a prohibitive cost for many people.  No wonder boat sales are declining.

Now compare to a mini storage unit

At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, a boat storage unit, indoors, costs about $125 per month for a 12’x30’ unit.

Do the math . . . that computes out to $1500 per year.  Now which sounds better to you, $1500 per year or $4800 per year?

It’s a no-brainer, right?  It’s such a no-brainer one has to wonder why more boat owners don’t use a mini storage unit for boat storage, and we believe the answer is a simple one: they are not aware that boat storage is available in a self storage facility!

Boat storage that is accessible and secure

Most self storage facilities like Blue Mound 287 have 24/7 access.  If the place you choose is like Blue Mound, it is absolutely secure self storage, a gated enclosure which requires several locks to be bypassed, on-site management, and video surveillance available as well.  You get, basically, all the security offered by any major marina at a third of the cost.

About Blue Mound 287 boat storage

In the Fort Worth area, we are surrounded by great fishing lakes, and we have fishing in some locations year-round. We realize at Blue Mound that we have to be easily accessed at all hours of the day if we are going to attract boat owners.  Our aisles are wide.  It is easy to back up a trailer at Blue Mound.  We make it as easy as possible, without forfeiting security, for you to access.  And we also offer climate controlled storage!

So our recommendation is this: call around your area and ask about mini storage solutions for boat storage.  It won’t cost you a penny to conduct your search, but it may very well save you thousands of dollars per year.  How can you say no to that deal?  Call us if you have questions. We are standing by to help you.