We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and our goal, in this article, is to inform you of five mistakes we believe can easily be avoided when renting mini storage. This is based upon our extensive experience with self storage, and in this article we will share that experience with you. Read on and then call us at 817-439-1380 for more information or to arrange for a tour of our storage facilities.

Choosing the wrong size storage unit

We cannot count the number of times we have had customers either rent too small or rent too large when renting a storage unit.  It’s an easy mistake to make because, quite frankly, none of our customers are experts in the field of mini storage unit.

We are!  Right on our website page we give you a handy guide to help you decide upon the right storage unit for you. In addition, we have a helpful staff who knows this business and can help you make the right decision.

All you have to do is ask us!

Not obtaining storage insurance

Remember Murphy’s Law when renting a storage unit: if something can go wrong, it will go wrong!

We don’t mean that to sound negative, but the fact is that some things are out of our control.  A hurricane, a tornado, a fire, all of these things are possible.  Now that might not be important if all you are storing is spare furniture or lawn furniture or garden gnomes, but it becomes very important if you are storing valuables or heirlooms or collectibles.

Storage insurance exists for a reason, and that reason is your peace of mind. We highly recommend that you obtain it if you are storing items of great value.

Not checking on security features

Not all storage buildings are the same with regards to security.  Some have a fenced perimeter, with one main access point, which is good, but then they don’t have video monitoring. Some have video monitoring but they don’t have on-site management. All of these security features are important, and you should opt for the most security you can find when shopping for mini storage.

Storing perishable items

Never store food, even if you have refrigeration in your storage unit. Never store animals.  Anything living, and anything which can spoil, should never be stored in a storage unit.  Never!  We could tell you some horror stories involving people who did not follow this simple rule.

Not labeling your boxes

Save yourself hours of packing and unpacking by clearly labeling each box in your storage unit, and we do mean “clearly labeling.” Each label should say exactly what is in each box. Yes, this takes a bit of time to do correctly, but it will save your countless hours and endless frustration when it comes time to grab items from your storage unit.

A Word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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