First of all, renting a mini storage unit is not expensive at all. The smallest at our business is only $49 per month, so that’s certainly within the budget of millions of Americans.  Now, in this article, we are going to give you tips on saving even more money when renting a self storage unit.

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Now let’s explore ways you can save money when renting a mini storage unit.

Take advantage of discounts and specials

The mini storage industry is a very competitive industry. Go to any city of any decent size, and you will find multiple storage facilities vying for your business, and one way they try to attract you to do business with them is to offer discounts. Those discounts may offer the first two months for free. They may offer the use of a free truck for moving. They may offer a 20% discount on a certain size storage unit.

Play the field. Look for discounts. Find the best discount which applies to your particular situation.  You could easily save $100 or more by doing so.

Pack carefully

The better you pack, the more items you can get into one storage unit, and if you pack properly, you can get away with renting a smaller storage unit, which will save you money.

How much money?  Let’s say the difference in cost, between a 5’x5’ unit, and a 5’x10’ unit, is thirty dollars per month.  Rented over the span of a year, that would be savings of $360 if you could rent the smaller unit because of very careful packing.

Store bulky items somewhere else

Bulky items like furniture take up space.  If you can find another place to store them, like a friend’s garage, you will save quite a bit of money in renting storage spaces.  Again, think of a storage space which is 5’x5’ in size. That is room for quite a few carefully packed boxes.  However, if you also store a couch and dresser in there, suddenly you only have room for a couple boxes.

Share space with someone else

Here’s an idea which is gaining in popularity: share a storage space, and the cost of that storage space, with somebody else you know. Suddenly the expense of storage is cut in half by doing so.  Surely you have a friend or relative who needs some extra space for storage.  If so, again, you can save hundreds each year by following this advice.

Use a free truck if offered

Many storage facilities now have a free moving truck they are offering their clients as an extra incentive to rent from them.  This can definitely save you money when moving items. The least expensive UHaul truck is $19.59 for a half-day.  Add that to your savings by looking for free offers such as this.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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