Here is a truth you need to embrace: not all safe self storage facilities are SAFE!  There are different levels of safety at mini storage buildings.  This check list should help you decide upon a self storage business which takes security seriously.  For more help, after you read this checklist, call us at (817) 439-1380. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we are standing by to help you with your self storage questions and concerns.

Is it a gated self storage facility?

Many self storage facilities have no perimeter fencing.  Some have perimeter fencing but a central gate which is not locked.  For secure self storage, a facility should have perimeter fencing plus a locked central gate.  Access to the storage facility should only be attained at one place along the fencing, and that locked gate should have a computerized locking system with a keycard for access.

Do the individual storage units have locks?

This seems like a no-brainer, but it is worth mentioning.

Is the facility well-lit?

Most self storage facilities have access 24/7, 365.  If you want access to your belongings at three a.m., you will want a well-lit facility for safety and a feeling of security. Nothing spells secure self storage like powerful flood lights.  It is such a simple security measure, but it is one which is ignored by many storage buildings.

Is there video monitoring at the storage facility?

Check for cameras.  Check for blind spots.  Check that the cameras are actually activated.  How often are they monitored?  What is the reaction time if there is a problem?  These questions must be answered before you commit.

Is there on-site management?

Nothing discourages vandals or thieves like on-site management.  Most storage facilities have a central office, but is there someone in that office 24/7?  Is the on-site manager there only during business hours, or do they live on-site?

What is the response time if there is a problem?

How close is the local police station? How far out is the State Patrol?  We had an old saying in our family: prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  If you are confronted with a problem, how long will you have to wait for help to arrive?  Five minutes? Ten? Fifteen?

What is the track record for that facility?

It’s public record, you know; you can check with local authorities and find out how often a particular self storage facility has had security problems. If your belongings are important to you, check out the history of the self storage facility.

Do they act like they care about your stuff?

Important question to consider: do they care?  Some who work at self storage facilities just treat it like a job. Some are truly invested in protecting your belongings.  Which would you rather have?

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