We are asked this question almost daily: how do you choose the storage unit sizes which will work for your needs?  How do you keep from renting too large a storage unit? How do you keep from renting too small a storage unit?

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So let’s talk about storage unit sizes.

At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, we have storage units which range in size from 5×5 to 12×40.  We have inside self storage, we have outdoor storage, we have storage with electricity, climate control self storage, and storage for vehicles as well as storage for household items.  But what do you need?

Let’s look at the smallest of units, a 5×5, which is basically twenty-five square feet of storage on the floor of that unit.  A 5×5 mini storage unit is sufficient for approximately one room of a house, or even a studio apartment.  Remember that there is actually more storage in a 5×5 than just 25 square feet, because you can stack items on top of each other, so the cubic storage area must also be considered.  In other words, you also have eight or ten vertical feet to consider as well.

More about mini storage sizes.

So, using that 25 square feet as a guide, simply do the math in figuring out what you need.  Two rooms will need a storage unit approximately fifty square feet in size, of something like a 5×10.  Three rooms will need at least 75 square feet, or a storage unit approximately 8×10 feet in size.

And a six-bedroom home?  Plan on a storage unit around 10×25 in size to handle that much furniture.

Remember these are rough guidelines, rough because the amount of furniture in Person A’s home may be considerably more than the amount of furniture in Person B’s home.

How do you know for sure?

The only way to make absolutely sure is to do a little test.  Take the furniture in one room and measure it.  Do the math and compute how many square feet that furniture totals.  Then you will know what you need.

And one other consideration . . .

Will you be adding items in the future?  In other words, plan for the future so you don’t have to move all of your items into a larger storage unit six months from now.  If all of your items are crammed into a 5×5 storage unit, with barely enough room to maneuver, you probably should look at the next larger storage unit.  Yes, it will cost a few dollars more per month, but the extra cost really is worth it.

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