There are two ways for you to find the best storage facilities for you.  One, you can do a Google search of storage facilities in your area, or two, you can make a list of amenities and features which meet your needs, and eliminate those which do not meet your needs.

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What are your storage unit needs?

We suggest you follow these guidelines:

  • Determine what you need
  • Determine the location you desire
  • Determine the cost you can afford
  • Read reviews of the various storage facilities in the area
  • Visit the finalists on your list
  • Make your decision

Let’s look at each of those factors for storage units.

What do you need in a storage unit?

Do you need inside self storage, or outdoor storage? Do you need climate controlled storage?  Do you need a small unit or a large unit? Do you need state-of-the-art security for secure self storage?  Do you need on-site management?  Go through that list of questions and you will winnow down the list of possibilities very quickly.

How about location?

In our opinion, location is not a game-breaker, mainly because most major storage facilities are located near major highways or freeways.  Access is generally easy and they are usually within ten miles of your home or business.

What can you afford?

Remember that the more special features you require, the more the storage unit will cost monthly. In other words, you can count on features like climate control to cost more than outdoor storage.

Read reviews!

You can go online and find reviews for practically any business in your area. Such is the beauty of the internet, but if you can’t find online reviews of a storage facility, go to that self storage unit and ask customers as they arrive at the facility or as they are leaving.

Pay a visit to each of your finalists.

Nothing spells accurate opinion like a personal visit to a facility.  It will take you all of fifteen minutes to determine if that mini storage facility has what they say they have.

And then make your decision!

And don’t panic about that decision!  Most storage facilities have short-and-long term leases.  Sign a short-term lease, and if it doesn’t live up to the promise and hype, drop out of that lease when it is finished and find another place to store your possessions.

Follow those suggestions and chances are excellent that you will find the storage unit you need.

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we service the Greater Fort Worth area. Give us a call and ask your questions.  Our friendly staff will be happy to answer them and give you further pointers on how to find a storage unit which matches you needs and your budget.  We have nothing to gain by making such an offer, especially if you don’t live in the Fort Worth area, but we have found helping others to always be the best business path to take.

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