Why look for locally owned and operated storage facilities when you need a mini storage?  Read on and find the very logical answer, and then give us a call at (817) 439-1380.  We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we’ve got what you need.

Why locally owned and operated self storage?

The first answer is the obvious one:  working with local folks means you have instant access to them if a problem arises.  Far too often, storage buildings are owned by some big real estate development firm headquartered in New York, Los Angeles, or God forbid Shanghai.  Good luck reaching them on the phone if you have a problem with your storage unit.  But local ownerships means immediate local response to concerns and problems, and immediate response is what a good storage facility should always be about.

And another reason . . .

Working with a local firm means your rental fee will stay in the community you live in.  Buy local, shop local, strengthen local!  Why send your money to New York when your hometown needs it?  The more you support local businesses, the stronger your local economy will become, and around and around it goes.

Neighbors helping neighbors

This reason may seem a bit ethereal to some out there, but we believe there is great value in neighbors supporting each other.  Where we are, the Fort Worth area, neighbors support each other.  Someone stores their inventory in one of our mini storage units. We shop at their store.  Our kids sell Girl Scout cookies to some of our customers, and their kids wash our cars at school car washes.  It goes round and round and round, a healthy, neighborly environment, and shopping locally begins that wheel spinning.

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is a pretty cool example of locally owned and operated.  It is owned by Fort Worth entrepreneur Ron Sturgeon, who also owns RDS Real Estate, the Fort Worth Car Storage, ten locations of Salon & Spa Galleria, a Toy Museum, Box Office Warehouse Suites, Paddock Place Office Suites, and the Golden Triangle Business Park.  All of those businesses employ local people. All of those people shop locally in the Fort Worth area.  Many of them have children in the Fort Worth schools.  Many of them are involved with the Chamber of Commerce and local politics . . . and it all started with one man, his initial business, a belief in himself and his community, and it grew over the years into this rather large hub of economic activity which fuels, in part, the Fort Worth economy.

All because of locally owned and operated!

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is located at 870 Blue Mound Road West in Fort Worth.  Our phone number is (817) 439-1380.  If you are in the Fort Worth area, looking for an affordable self storage unit for your possessions, inventory, car, boat, or trailer, give us a call. Ask about move-in specials, and if you are military ask about our military discounts.  You can’t go wrong with Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth.  Neighbors helping neighbors, that’s the Blue Mound 287 way of doing business.