Finding a mini storage is as easy as doing a Google search, but once you find one, you need to be aware of these tips for protecting your possessions.  Call us for more suggestions at (817) 439-1380. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and our experience can benefit you.

Stacking items in a self storage unit

We all do it!  We all try to save room in our self storage unit by stacking boxes and other items on top of each other.  There is all that vertical space to use, and it would be a shame to let it go to waste, right?  The trouble arrives, however, when you do not stack properly.

Using cardboard boxes is great, but make sure the heaviest box is on the bottom of the stack.  This will prevent the eventual tipping over of the stacked boxes.  Also make sure breakable items are properly wrapped so they can survive the occasional drop or the occasional tipping over.  Grandma’s fine china should never be stacked five feet off the ground . . . never!

Beware of the climate in a mini storage

If you live in a part of the country where extreme weather and temperatures occur, and we are talking about, conservatively thirty-five to forty states, be aware that extreme temperatures can damage wood, leather, and cloth surfaces.  It can also damage electronics and things like coins and photographs. It is all because of oxidation, and it is a very real problem over the span of four-to-six months.  The only true protection to avoid oxidation is to rent a climate controlled storage unit.  Yes, these cost more money, but it is money well-spent if you value your belongings.

Are you sure about that security?

How secure are the storage buildings?  Secure self storage means more than a lock on your storage space door. Secure storage means a locked gate around the storage facility; it means video surveillance cameras; and it means an active presence by real human beings on-site.  If you have valuables stored in your storage unit, these things must be considered.  You pay for the best; you regret the rest!

Stacking tips

When stacking items, make sure solid surfaces are stacked on solid surfaces.  This gives a solid, strong foundation at the bottom of each “connection.”  In other words, stacking boxes on a sofa is fine as long as they are stacked on a solid surface like the wooden armrests, or the frame of the sofa. Stacking on a cushion is a recipe for disaster over time.

We hope these tips help you now or in the future.  Remember, you can call us for more tips on mini storage.

About Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is locally owned and operated in Fort Worth, Texas.  We have regular storage units and we have climate controlled units. We have reliable security, and we have a wide array of storage unit sizes to meet your every need.  No matter what it is you need to store, Blue Mound is there for you.