If you are tired of paying ridiculous amount of money for auto storage, this article is for you. We are suggesting that auto storage in a mini storage unit makes perfect sense from a security standpoint and an economic standpoint, and we will prove that in this article.

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What do you need for quality auto storage?

You are going away on vacation for a month or two.  You are being deployed in the Army for six months.  Your executive job needs you overseas for three months.  You have some friends checking your home periodically to make sure all systems are running properly.  You have the dog taken care of at a quality pet kennel.  But what about your vehicle.  You don’t want to leave it sitting in the driveway for months. That is an open invitation to car thieves and vandals.  But you also don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices charged at most of the auto storage businesses.

You want security for your vehicle.  You want a reasonable price.

You want, whether you know it or not, a self storage unit!

What a mini storage can offer you?

We will use our own self storage business for an example, information we can guarantee is accurate.

Storage facilities like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage offer four levels of security.  We have a fenced perimeter. We have personalized computer access cards for the property. We have video surveillance of our property.  And we have on-site management for the personal-security touch.

In other words, we offer the same type of security the auto storage facilities offer in any large city.

In addition, we offer wide-aisles for easy access.  We also offer 24/7 access, something you will not find at many auto storage facilities.  We have climate controlled storage to protect your vehicle from extreme temperatures and oxidation.  And we offer prices which are considerably lower than most, if not all, auto storage businesses.

The savings are substantial

How much will it cost you?  We have a 5’x10’ storage unit which costs only $75 per month. We have a climate controlled unit, same size, for only $81 per month.  We guarantee you will not find auto storage, in Fort Worth, which matches that low price.

The security is topnotch

Toss in the best security in the city, for any price, and you have an auto storage deal you can’t ignore.

Rent by the month for your convenience

Rent for one month. Rent for three months, or six, or twelve.  A mini storage is the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep their vehicle safe while they are aware, whether that vehicle be a car, a truck, or a semi.  We even have RV storage and boat storage for your convenience.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

The self storage industry is highly-competitive, which means that Blue Mound 287 Self Storage must be doing something right considering our longevity and customer satisfaction. Call us today about auto storage and to arrange a tour of our storage buildings.