We are going to toss out a rather radical idea regarding mini storage units: keep one year round to handle all of your seasonal items.  We know, to some this seems like an additional expense for an already overburdened budget, but bear with us and hear us out.

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The storage problems you currently face

It’s not hard to guess what problems you are dealing with; most Americans are facing the very same clutter problems.  You have Christmas decorations in December, Easter decorations in the Spring, lawn furniture for the Summer, Thanksgiving decorations for the Fall, not to mention Halloween and the other assorted odds and ends that any family will accumulate.  The cold hard fact is this: a 2,000 square foot home simply does not have the space to handle the storage needs.

So you have two options for a solution: get rid of all that “extra,” or find a storage space outside the home where you can store it all, pulling it out when the appropriate season arrives.

Welcome to the world of mini storage!

And then someone stands up and says what you all have been thinking: “But mini storage is too expensive!”

And to that we say hogwash!

What is it worth, to you, to have your garage back so you can park your car in it? What is it worth, to you, to not trip over storage boxes in the spare bedroom? What is it worth, to you, to actually have a spare bedroom, or to be able to move around in your attic without risking life and limb?

We all make choices.  Some are easy; some a bit more difficult; this is one of those easy ones.  A 5’x5’ mini storage unit costs less than fifty bucks per month.  That computes out to less than $600 per year, which is nothing considering the peace of mind you will receive if you pull the trigger and do it.

$600 per year?  How could you save fifty bucks per month from that family budget of yours? Less random spending?  Fewer mochas?  A less expensive cable option?  Heck, you could have a garage sale next week, get rid of unused clutter, and pay for a storage unit by doing that.  The point is this: no matter how tight your budget it, it is possible to squeeze fifty bucks out of it, and by doing so you will eliminate a year-round headache which has been driving you nuts.

Find a great mini storage deal

No matter where you live, you should be able to find some affordable self storage near you. Shop around. Check out move-in specials. Find the best deal you can and then make the decision to take your life and home back under control.

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