Finding secure self storage is easy.  Finding secure self storage you can afford, during tough economic times, can be problematic.

We believe we have a solution, and that solution, in the Fort Worth area, is Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. Call us at 817-439-1380 for prices and to arrange to see our mini storage units.

Tough times call for temporary solutions

We have been through the wringer as a nation, haven’t we?  Lost jobs, hours cutback drastically, lost small businesses, foreclosures, homelessness, unemployment statistics which we never thought we would see in this country . . . and all of those things leave many either on the streets, downsizing, or at the very least stressed over what to do until “normal” returns.

Goodwill has never been busier!  People either have to get rid of some of their possessions, or people are in need of cheap necessities. Either way, tough times indeed.

Many need a place to store their possessions until they find better living arrangements, and that is where self storage enters the picture.

Options for secure self storage

You really only have two options when it comes to cheap storage: you can either store your possessions with a friend or family member, or you can rent a cheap storage unit.

The friend/family member option is obviously the least expensive, but it comes with its own set of problems, accessibility being the main one.  You can only access your possessions when your friend or family member is home, and then only when they are awake and able to help you. This cuts down the hours of accessibility to a small window of time on any given day. Obviously, not ideal.

And then, is your stuff really secure? If you are storing it in a friend’s detached garage, how secure is that?  The answer: not very secure at all!

Your only other option, then, is to rent a cheap storage unit.  But how cheap is cheap at storage facilities?

We can only give you information about our own storage facility, Blue Mound 287, so let’s talk about cost at our facility.

Yes, you can afford a mini storage at Blue Mound 287

Our smallest storage unit, a 5×5, costs $45 per month. The next smallest, a 5×10, costs $65 per month.  And we know what you are thinking: a 5×5 is only 25 square feet, not very big at all, but stop and realize that you also have vertical storage, adding 25 square feet plus 25 square feet plus 25 square feet as you go up towards the ceiling of the storage unit.  You can, in fact, get quite a few well-stacked boxes into such a space, or boxes plus a couple pieces of furniture.

Can you afford $45 per month for storage? Only you can answer that question, but we guarantee you won’t find a lower price in the Fort Worth area.

Something to think about!

The perfect solution

There is no perfect solution during tough economic times, but Blue Mound 287 Self Storage at least makes your situation a little bit better.

Call us today!  We can ease a little bit of that stress for you, keep your belongings safe, and provide 24/7 access to your belongings every single day of the year.