You may not be aware of this, but storage facilities are used for quite a bit more than just storing extra furniture, or keeping tax records and other paperwork for your company.  This article will highlight just a few of the creative and unique that most solutions storage spaces provide for unique problems and needs.

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Now, though, let’s talk about some creative solutions to unique problems.

Car storage, boat storage, et al

Quite a few of you will be surprised to hear that people use mini storage units for car storage, for boat storage, for RV storage, and for trailer storage.  And why not?  The cost of a 10’x10’ storage unit is around $100 per month. That price is comparable with many storage facilities which specialize in car, boat, RV, or trailer storage.  Have you priced marina storage of late? This is a great option!

Mini office for your business

Have you priced the cost of commercial property lately? Have you gone out and looked at what a small office lease will cost you?  Even the smallest of offices in a decent section of the city will cost you over $1000 per month. Compare that to the largest storage unit you can rent, a 20’x30’, 600 square feet of useful space, for a little over $300 per month.  If you don’t plan on meeting customers in your office, if all you need is workable space to conduct your business in, this is an option which is very affordable.

Mini warehouse for your business

The same argument can be made if you are looking for a small warehouse.  Six-hundred square feet is more than adequate for a small business or a home-based business, and $300 is much better than a thousand or more.  Include 24/7 access, great security, and you have some very compelling reasons why you would consider this.

Arts and crafts studio at storage facilities

Yes, we have artists who use our storage units as an art studio, and why not?  They offer privacy, they can be had for a great monthly price, and they are accessible around the clock for those artists who feel the rush of creativity at three in the morning.

Car repair shop

Yes, it’s true, we have car collectors who use our storage units for their car repair and car restoration locations.  Why clutter your garage with a hobby, or block your driveway with a hobby, when a storage unit provides you with everything you need to restore that ’55 Chev back to its original stature?

Now, put your imagination to work.  If you have a unique storage problem, we submit to you that a storage unit just might be the solution you need and want.

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