Renting a storage unit can be somewhat of a traumatic event.  It shouldn’t be that way, and logically it seems like it wouldn’t be, but it is nonetheless.  We know because we are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we’ve been doing this self storage thing for a number of years.  We believe a lot of the angst and mistakes can be eliminated by following the advice in this article.  Read it, think about it, and then call us at (817) 439-1380 if you have any further questions.

The right size storage unit

What size storage space do you need? That is the million dollar question being asked across the country each and every day.  Will you rent a storage unit which is too small, or will you waste money renting one which is much too big?  There are two ways to approach this problem; guesstimate or compute!

Guessing the right size in a mini storage unit

We can give you averages based on our experience:

  • 5×5 good for one small room
  • 5×10 good for one bedroom
  • 10×10 good for three rooms
  • 10×20 good for five rooms
  • 10×25 good for a six-room house

Again, these are averages.  A young couple just starting out in marriage will not have as much furniture as a couple married for ten years, so when we say a 5×10 for one bedroom, that has to be considered as well.

Computing furniture sizes

The second way to approach this is to measure the size of your furniture.  Draw a diagram, to scale, and compute how everything will fit in a mini storage unit.  Yes this is tedious but it is also extremely accurate if done correctly.

The wild card in storage facilities

Now let’s talk about the “unknown” when renting a mini storage unit. When we say a 5×10 storage unit, most people do the multiplication and compute 50 square feet of storage space, but that is not, in fact, accurate.  A storage unit has cubic feet of storage space, not square feet.  You must take into account the vertical space as well. In other words, if you stack things properly, you can get a lot more furniture into a 5×10 mini storage unit than you thought possible.  Chairs can be stacked on sofas.  Boxes can be stacked on tables, or other boxes.  So the nature of the items you are storing will also dictate how much room you need.

So what is the secret to renting the right size storage unit?

The secret is proper pre-planning.  Take the time to do the computations.  Know what you are storing. Can it be stacked?  How many items can be stored vertically?  Do the footwork before you rent, and renting the proper size storage unit will be much easier.

About Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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