If you are an RV owner, chances are you are aware of the reasons why RV storage in your driveway, or out front of your home, is not a good idea.  Perhaps you are looking for options when it comes to RV storage.  Today we would like to pose an option you may not be aware of, namely RV storage in a mini storage facility, and the reasons why we believe it is an excellent option.

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Now, though, let’s talk about three reasons why RV storage in a self storage facility just might be the best option for you.


If you are parking your RV in your driveway, you basically have no security whatsoever. Vandals and thieves have full access to your RV.

Perhaps you have your RV parked in one of the many parking garages found throughout most cities. Again, there is very little security attached to such a parking garage. Anyone can walk into a parking garage with a can of spray paint and do considerable damage.  Anyone can walk in and strip your RV engine of important engine parts.

Not so with a quality self storage facility like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.  We have fencing around our entire storage facility. We have video monitoring. We have computer access cards. We have only one access entry point to our entire facility. And we have on-site management.  It is virtually impossible for vandals or thieves to access your RV when it is parked at a place like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.


The obvious point regarding cost is this: a stolen RV will cost you tens of thousands of dollars in replacement costs.  Compare that to the cost of storing an RV in a place like Blue Mound 287, usually in the $100-$200 per month range.  Yes, storing in a place like Blue Mound costs more than your driveway, but we also ask you this: how much is peace of mind worth to you?

The only way to keep your RV safer is to live in it full-time.

Ease of access

Drive to the secure self storage facility, access your RV, and drive it out. The whole process will take you the time it took to drive there, drive back, and the five minutes to access your RV. Most storage buildings have wide aisles for easy access. Storage units like Blue Mound 287 offer 24/7 access.  It may not be as easy as accessing it in your driveway, but it’s darned close.

So, there you have it, security, cost, and ease of access, three reasons why we believe RV storage at a mini storage is an intelligent choice.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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