A question we are asked often: “we recently rented a mini storage unit at one of the storage facilities in town. Are our possessions in that storage unit insured by the storage company?

That is the question/topic we will explore in this article.  We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, and we know a thing or two about all things related to self storage in Fort Worth, Texas, and around the country. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more answers to any other questions you might have about self storage.

Now, let’s discuss insurance?

The nature of insurance at storage facilities

Have you ever rented an apartment?  If so, that experience should help you to understand the insurance offered at storage facilities.  When you rent an apartment, the owner of that building only carries liability insurance should something happen to the building itself, or on the grounds of that apartment building.  For example, if someone were to trip over a cracked pathway, fall and hurt themselves, that would be covered by the owner’s insurance.

However, the owner of your apartment building is in no way liable for your belongings inside of your apartment. To protect those belongings, you would need to obtain renter’s insurance from your insurance company.

That scenario is how things work when you rent a mini storage unit.  A tree limb falls on your while you are walking through the parking lot of the storage company, you are covered by the storage company’s insurance.  But your possessions inside the storage space are not covered by insurance.

Before you begin worrying about your prized possessions currently sitting in a storage space, know that there are things you can do to protect them in case of damage.

What can you do to protect your belongings?

The first thing you can do is make sure the storage company you choose is adequately protected.  They should have four levels of protection in order for you to feel good about the safety of your belongings. They should have a fenced perimeter with only one main gate as an access point. They should have video surveillance of the grounds and all of the buildings. They should have personalized computer access keys for the main gate, the individual buildings, and your storage unit.  And they should have on-site management on the grounds.

Beyond those measures of protection, however, you should also seek out storage unit insurance.  Most insurance companies carry it.  It is relatively inexpensive and it covers all damage which might happen while your items are being stored.  Peace of mind comes at a cost, and we highly recommend that you seek out such an insurance policy for whatever it is you are storing, be it car storage, boat storage, collectible storage, or just family heirlooms you don’t’ have room at home for.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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