It’s not as easy as you might think, finding trailer storage at a self storage facility.  Not many mini storage businesses have the room outdoors to park a trailer; fewer still have covered storage for one.  Let’s look at some criteria you should consider when looking for trailer storage.  You can also call us if you have questions.  We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Fort Worth area, and our number is (817) 439-1380.

The first criteria:  ample room!

Any trailer owner knows that space to park that trailer is always an important consideration. If you have a twenty-foot trailer, you will want to store it at a mini storage facility which has the space necessary to make your life easy when it is time to park it or hook it up.  If your trailer is used for business then time is money, and time wasted trying to get your trailer out of a storage space is time not making money.

Look for covered storage!

Do you need covered storage? It depends, really, on the value of that trailer.  Storing anything outdoors, in extreme climates, is asking for weather damage.  It is unavoidable unless the item you are storing has some protection.  It is your call when considering covered storage, but you should at least consider it as a possibility.

Easy access is another factor!

Do you use your trailer for business?  If so you will want it close by major highways and byways.  Again, time is money, and time wasted driving along back roads in an attempt to get to the freeway is money lost in business.

The next factor to consider is security.

Vandalism and theft are real concerns no matter where you live.  At the very least, the storage facility you choose should be surrounded by a gate, preferably with barbed wire.  Hopefully it has video surveillance.   It is hard to steal a trailer from storage facilities, but not impossible.  Weigh the cost of security against the cost of your trailer replacement when making your decision.

And finally, the cost of storage!

In the world of Supply and Demand we all live in, supply will dictate fairly consistent prices in the competitive world of mini storage but still, check out several places and inquire about rates.  Make sure you also ask about move-in specials.  A month of free storage might make one place more attractive financially than the others.  Affordable self storage is available if you look for it.

About Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

We are locally owned and operated in Fort Worth, Texas, and yes, we have trailer storage on our secure lot.  It is our belief that the better we take care of your possessions, the more likely it is that you will refer us to others and use us again should you need us, so you will get our very best over and over and over again.

Give us a call and ask your questions about trailer storage.  We are here to help educate you about the mini storage world and the options you have.