You may not realize it, but you need climate control self storage if you live in an area where temperature extremes occur.

And that basically includes most of the United States.  Call us at (817) 439-1380 for more details after you have read this article about climate controlled storage.

What are temperature extremes?  We are talking about extreme heat, the 90s and 100s.  We are talking about extreme cold, temperatures in the teens and single digits.  We are talking about extreme humidity, in the 80-90 percent range.  And we are talking about areas of extremely low humidity, in the teens and twenties.

Like we said, basically all of the continental United States.

What does climate have to do with self storage?

The answer to that question is one word, and that one word is oxidation.  Oxidation is the chemical process whereby oxygen molecules affect surfaces.  When you park your car outside during the summer, you might notice the paint fades over time. That is oxidation at work.  When it gets really not outside your windows might stick or be hard to open; that is oxidation at work.  And oxidation affects most surfaces of most items we own.

Extreme temps and extreme humidity can literally ruin the following:

  • Wood
  • Leather
  • Paper
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Coins
  • Stamps
  • Artwork
  • Wine
  • Clothing
  • Business documents
  • Photos
  • And much, much more

Like we said, practically everything that you own can be affected by oxidation, and most definitely most items stored in inside self storage units will be affected by it.  Cars, family heirlooms, business documents, family photos, furniture, go down the list of most commonly found items in a self storage unit and you will find they all are susceptible to the ravages of oxidation.

So yes, you need climate control self storage!

Does it cost a little extra?  Most definitely it does.  Climate control means the use of electricity, and that means higher costs.  Is that extra cost worth it to you? That can only be determined by you.  How important are those family heirlooms? How important is that ’68 Corvette?  How important is that computer and that washing machine and that coin collection?  We can’t answer that question for you, but we can guess what your answer might be . . . very important, otherwise you wouldn’t be spending money in the first place to keep them in a self storage unit like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth area, we believe in this old adage: you can pay us now or you can pay for replacement and repairs later.  Pay us now and you pay for climate controlled self storage facilities which will protect your possessions. Or you can pay the costly repair or replacement costs when your possessions are ruined by that unforgiving Texas heat.

It seems like a simply choice to us, and we have been protecting the valuables of our customers for a long, long time.

Give us a call.  Let’s get you some peace of mind so you can get on with the business of living.