Regular mini storage, or air conditioned storage? That is the question, and it is a question we will tackle in this article. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the fine people of Fort Worth, Texas, for a great number of years.  We know self storage, and in this article we will share some of our experience, with you, to help you to make an informed decision concerning to use or not use climate controlled storage. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more information about climate control self storage.

Why air conditioned storage?

The word you want to remember is oxidation.  In chemical terms, Oxidation occurs when an atom, molecule, or ion loses one or more electrons in a chemical reaction.

Oxidation occurs when temperatures change drastically.  In layman’s terms, think of rust.  Rust is a perfect example of oxidation.  Or think about your vehicle tires when hot weather occurs, or when cold weather occurs. The tires will either inflate or deflate, depending upon the temperature. This is another example of oxidation, and it is another example of why air conditioned storage might be a good idea for your situation.

In a regular storage unit, which is not temperature-controlled, temps can reach triple digits, or temps can drop to single digits.  That kind of drastic temperature range will directly affect certain items stored in a mini storage unit.

What items are affected by temperature fluctuations?

Electronics are affected by oxidation.  Leather is affected. Wood surfaces are affected.  Paper is affected.

Now, stop and consider what we just told you.  How many of your items are made from paper, from wood, from leather, or are electronic in nature? We would venture a guess that 75%, at least, of items stored in storage facilities are made from those materials, meaning 75% of all items are susceptible to oxidation and the damage is can cause.

Is it for you?

This question can only be answered by you. We can tell you that yes, climate controlled storage costs a little bit more. For a 5’x5’x storage unit, the cost difference is six dollars per month. For a larger unit, say a 10’x20’, the difference in cost is fifteen dollars per month.

Is the added expense worth it for you? Consider this: what would you pay for a new computer if your old computer were damaged during storage? What would you pay to replace the collectible art you are storing? What would you pay to replace the car upholstery?

It all boils down to this: you can pay a little extra, for protection against Mother Nature, or you can take the risk and potentially pay a lot later when the damage occurs.

Oxidation is most likely to occur where temperature extremes happen i.e. the southwest, Alaska, the northern tier states, etc. Those who live in moderate climates do not need to worry quite so much.

Is it for you? We can’t answer that, but we think it is definitely worth considering.

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