Fort Worth Self Storage at its Finest

And where, you ask, is this “finest” self storage to be found?

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, that’s where!

Okay, but what exactly makes Blue Mound 287 Self Storage the finest storage facility in Fort Worth to be found?

Read on!

Here’s the thing: the claim made above really isn’t as bold as it may sound.  Is it bold to call a sunrise beautiful, or to call the Grand Canyon majestic? Of course not, and the reason why it isn’t bold is because those are obvious statements.

Well calling Blue Mound 287 Self Storage the finest mini storage in the Fort Worth area is simply an obvious statement as well, a fact which becomes, well, obvious once you visit that establishment.  Allow me to take you on a verbal tour of the facility.

The first thing you’ll notice about Blue Mound is the feeling of security all around you.  You don’t get in and out of this place without a key card, and you don’t get in and out of the individual units without a separate code.  Double security, double the protection!  Check out the cameras as you take the tour!

Next, talk to the friendly staff, always smiling, always helpful, always willing to go the extra mile to take care of your needs.  While you’re talking to them, ask them about the great move in specials which are always available.

Then take a closer look at you’ll notice the sheer size and flexibility of Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.  This is not a place which only handles a few boxes of odds and ends and some excess furniture.  At Blue Mound, if it needs to be stored, we will find a place for it. There is auto storage at Blue Mound; there is boat and RV storage at Blue Mound; and there is semi-truck and shipping container storage at Blue Mound.

Climate controlled storage units?  You know we have it, as well as units with electricity in case you need to do some repairs on a vehicle inside the storage locker.

Convinced yet?  Yeah, we thought so too, come on in and talk to us about your needs.