Secure Self-Storage

Try to find a self-storage facility that is reputed so that you can feel confident about storing your property in it. You need to know that your belongings will be in the same condition when you collect them, as they were when you put them in there. Security is of prime importance, so ensure that the self-storage facility is equipped with strong locks for each and every unit.

The facility should have surveillance cameras to monitor every individual who enters and exits the facility, and access controls that will log every customer by code so that there is always a record of every visitor to every part of the facility. This will ensure total safety of your property. The facility should also give you access to your unit round the clock all week long so that you can check up on it whenever you want. We have all of that when you come store with is at 287 Blue Mound Self-Storage.

You will want to gain access through a secure means available only to those who pay rent for a unit. We have pin pads with ever-changing combinations at the main gate. Some have on-site managers that monitor the entryway and will let their renters in. Each of our locations has twenty-four-hour access as well as twenty-four-hour surveillance to ensure the safety of all your items and put your mind at ease when you store with us no matter long or how little.

All of our storage facilities are well maintained and clean; well-lit all the time and should be manned by efficient, professional staff. The other quality that is very important for an effective self-storage unit is climate controlled facilities. This is crucial if you want to store archival documents, business goods, electronic equipment, upholstered furniture, and so on because damp conditions can ruin these items beyond repair.

So the conditions in the self-storage facility should provide protection from the elements and need to be cool and dry. With all of our locations, we have we make it easy for renters to find the perfect spot to store their stuff. It shouldn’t be easy access for anybody, as that will put your unit, and possibly even you, at a disadvantage and vulnerable to thieves.

We can store just about anything you bring us to store. We store, RV, boats, antique cars, foreign cars and so much more. Take a tour of our facilities and you will not be unhappy with our top of the line security and climate controlled storage units. All of our storage units are very secure and safe. You have nothing to worry about if you do rent with Blue Mound 287 Self-Storage.

We have a huge selection and we are sure to find something to fit what you are looking for. Climate controlled or not- climate controlled we have something for everyone here at Blue Mound 287 Self-Storage. Furniture or any other things that are not auto we can store for you. We even have mini storage available. Set up a tour of our location with our leasing manager and see what we can offer you.