Vote for your final choice for dog name!

BABY NEEDS A NAME. Here are the finalists. Sorry, i worked till 10 pm, and have had meetings all day. I got over 100 ideas, thanks to my email list and facebook friends. The Babies have over 800 friends on their page "Spoiled Cavaliers". There were too many good ones, so I narrowed it to the list here. I’ve also attached the list that was compiled from everyone’s ideas, in case you need a list of potential new names for a dog. WE ARE ONLY CONSIDERING THE ONES TYPED IN THIS STATUS REPORT. Please send me your vote, i will try to give him a name tomorow by noon or so, he’s tired of being called "no name". He is potty trained, and has almost learned to use the doggie doors at home, and gets his first bath today. I called the groomer who usually comes on Friday to give all the babies a new doo (they love her), cause, well, ER, "No Name" IS stinkin’ and Dixie says its spoiling their style.
Finalists: vote for one or more.
Rubin Brewster Rusty Conan Redford Bentley Barkley

P1000197 list of potential names 041510double click picture to see full size