A storage unit serves several purposes.

We will look at several of these purposes in this article, concentrating on the one which relates to tough economic times.

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It’s time to clean out the garage, or perhaps your oldest daughter has moved out, you are remodeling her old room, you don’t want to sell her things because of sentimental value, and you need a place to store items to make room for new furniture.  Cheap storage units are the answer to your problem.  They are always available when you need them, and secure self storage guarantees they will be undamaged when you need them.

Storage until needed

You have items in your home which you don’t use every single day.  Perhaps they are seasonal items. Perhaps they are hobby items which take up a ton of room.  You use them periodically, but that doesn’t justify them taking up the entire den.  Perhaps they are research items for your job, only needed two or three times per year, but very valuable for the work you do.

Climate control self storage is the answer.

Work station

No room in the garage for restoring that old ’59 Chevy? No room in the backyard shed for your woodworking area?  A secure mini storage provides you with that work area you so desperately need.

Tough times

You all remember the recession of 2008.  You all, obviously, remember the 2020 pandemic.  Many people had to downsize. Many people were forced out of their homes, into smaller homes or apartments, and they needed a place to store their excess until they got back on their feet financially.

It happened millions of times in 2020. As of the writing of this article, it is still happening in 2021. Chances are excellent it will still be happening in 2022.  Cheap, affordable housing is in short supply. People have had to adjust their lifestyles, find new living arrangements, and quite frankly it is a sad situation and getting sadder daily.

A self storage unit can keep your items safe, secure, protected from the elements, until you can get back on your feet and into a bigger living situation.  No, it’s not a perfect solution.  A perfect solution would have you back into the home you lost.  But it is a temporary solution which allows you to hold onto valued, cherished possessions for a minimal amount of money.

At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, we understand.  Call us and talk to us about solutions to your tough situation. We will work with you.

About Blue Mound 287

We are locally owned and operated, meaning we are Texas through and through, meaning we consider it our responsibility to work with Fort Worth neighbors and help them find a storage solution.  We are not some huge corporation headquartered in Los Angeles, some company which only looks at you as an income source. We are your neighbor, and neighbors always help neighbors.

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