Renting affordable self storage during the holidays just might be the best holiday present you can give yourself. Call us at (817) 439-1380 and we will talk to you about holiday storage solutions.

Why self storage during the holidays?

The only reason anyone would even ask that question was if they did not own a home and had no family to speak of. Those of us who do own a home, or live in a relatively small space, and yet have a decent-sized family to celebrate with over Thanksgiving and Christmas, we know why self storage is needed.

Stuff piles up! New stuff is accumulated.  Room is need for guests, but there is none. Storage solutions are non-existent in your home or apartment.  These scenarios give you two choices: you can either have a garage sale in December or you can find a mini storage to handle your overflow.  Since garage sales do notoriously badly in the winter, a mini storage is your only logical option.

Isn’t a mini storage expensive?

Absolutely not!  A 5’x5’ mini storage unit can be had for around $40 per month.  A 5’x5’ is 25 square feet, or 125 cubic feet, and you can fit a great deal of “stuff” in that space.  Can you afford $40 per month for peace of mind and the ability to actually move freely in your home or apartment? Of course you can.

Can you rent by the month?

Of course you can! One month, two months, three months, whatever you need you rent at a storage facility.

There are no long-range contracts to worry about, no cancellation penalties, no nothing to be concerned about. Come in, rent a storage unit for one or two months, and your problem is solved.

And which is the best self storage facility?

That is for you to determine in your city. Chances are you have quite a few choices in your immediate area, so take a few moments to check them out according to cost, security, and move-in specials.

The cost should be in the $40 range we previously mentioned. If you are paying more than that you aren’t doing enough searching.

Secure self storage

Just because you are looking for a temporary solution to your space problems doesn’t mean you don’t want your belongings safe. Check out the security at each self storage facility. Do they have video surveillance? Do they have staff available at all times? Do they have a locked entrance gate as well as locked storage units?

And what about those move-in specials?  Almost every self storage facility has move-in specials. Not all of them will tell you about them.  The first two questions out of your mouth should be 1) how much for a storage unit and 2) what are your move-in specials?

Questions? Call us at (817) 439-1380. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth.  We will be happy to answer any questions you have about self storage, affordable self storage, and secure self storage.  This is what we do, and we do it well.