Can you trust storage facilities to be secure? They all advertise secure self storage, but how accurate is that claim?  This article will give you a few things to consider while you shop for secure self storage in your city.  You can call us with questions at (817) 439-1380. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, offering the best in secure self storage in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

What to look for in secure self storage

The very basic security measures you should settle upon are a gated facility, great outdoor lighting, and on-site management.

Storage spaces which are surrounded by a fence or wall, and which require you to drive through a locking gate, are easily the most secure.  You want access to your storage unit to be severely limited, and a gated access point does exactly that.  The fence should be six-to-eight feet in height, a good height to discourage climbing over.  Thieves do not enjoy climbing, especially if they are carrying your belongings.

Insist on a storage facility which has good lighting outside and in.  Nothing discourages vandals better than a well-lit property exterior.  As an added bonus, great lighting simplifies your life should you need to pick up something at nighttime.

And having on-site management is just one more level of security you should insist upon, for obvious reasons. Most crimes occur in areas where there is no human presence, so avoid storage units which are left unmanned for long hours of the day and night.

Three other criteria for added self storage security

Here are three more security measures it would be nice to have.  You may pay extra for them; you may not; shop around is our best word of advice.

Some storage units have alarms within the system.  If you do not enter the proper access code, or if someone tries to jimmy open the storage door, an alarm will sound.

Many storage facilities are paying a little bit extra for video surveillance.  No burglar wants to see those cameras suspended from the roofs of the units.

And one other measure which if becoming popular is on-site residential management . . . in other words, someone lives on the storage facility grounds 24/7, 365, a physical presence at all times to discourage those who would do damage or steal items.

Can you find all of these security measures at a mini storage in your town?  Maybe . . . maybe not . . . but it is worth trying to find.  If you are storing items which are important to you, or which have monetary value, you want to know that those items are as secure as possible. These six criteria are important in insuring a secure facility.  Quite frankly you should expect at least four of these six, with six optimal.

Again, we are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth, Texas. Give us a call if you need storage in the Fort Worth area, or give us a call if you just have questions about self storage.  Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you no matter what your reason for calling is.