Finding cheap storage solutions for storing lawn equipment is becoming a pretty common problem among new home owners.  Many new homes are postage-stamp size yards, practically no outside storage to speak of, and certainly no extra indoor storage space. What do you do, then, lawn equipment and yard tools when you don’t need them over the winters?

One solution is to rent a cheap storage unit for the winter months.  One capable of holding all of your lawn equipment can be found, in your area, for around forty bucks.  This might just be the perfect solution to your yard tool problems.  Call us at (817) 439-1380 and talk it out with the employees of Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Do a quick inventory of your yard tools and equipment

You probably have more than you realize once you start inventorying it all.  Lawn mower, leaf blower, shears, weed-whacker, wheelbarrow, and on and on we go.  Toss in the miscellaneous items like buckets and potting tables and potting pots, and you start to realize just how large your collection of lawn equipment is.  So what do you do with it all when winter arrives?  Leaving it outside is not a solution.  Chances are, after one winter, your machines and tools will rust, engines will become  corroded, and before you can say SPRING you will be back at Home Depot buying new lawn and yard tools and equipment.

A mini storage unit is the solution

Most of your lawn equipment, if not all, will fit in a 5×5 storage unit.  A 5×5 storage unit, at most storage facilities across the county, can be rented for around forty dollars per month.  Do the math on this one before declining on it outright.  There are about four winter months when yard work is not done and you need to store your tools and machinery.  Four months of storage in a mini storage unit will cost you around $160.  Compare that to the replacement cost of a new lawnmower and other tools.

It just makes good sense (cents) to store all of your yard items in a mini storage unit if you do not have your own outside storage.

Month by month storage solutions

The beauty of cheap storage units is that you can rent them month-by-month. They truly are a temporary solution for a temporary problem.  If you only want storage for one month, no problem; if you want storage for a year, no problem!  And a wise man, or woman, will shop around for the best move-in specials they can find. There are some great deals to be had in this highly competitive industry, so make some calls and find the best opportunity for your situation.

We are here to help you, whether you live in our Fort Worth area or not. Give us a call at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.  Storage questions in Topeka are pretty similar to storage questions in Fort Worth, so chances are good we can handle whatever question you fire at us.

Winter is coming! It’s time to take care of your yard tools and lawn machinery.