Cheap storage units eliminate clutter and do so in a non-permanent way for very little money.

If you are a homeowner we should have your attention at this point.  If so, we invite you to read on and then call us if you have questions.

The nature of clutter

Here’s the thing about clutter: it is usually made up of items we want to hold on to; we just don’t have any place to put it all.  We accumulate.  That’s what homeowners do.  We start out with a certain amount of possessions, and then over the years we add to it.  All of those possessions had a purpose when we bought them; they still have a purpose; but they are also strewn all over the house and the yard because, while your pile of possessions has grown, the size of your home has not.

You can only build so many shelves.  Your closets will only hold so much stuff.  The spare bedroom is overflowing with kids’ toys and sports equipment.  The yard has tools which are getting rusty with each passing day.

It is time to do something, and your choices are limited: you can either move into a larger home, a choice which seems a bit drastic; you can get rid of all those items which are causing the excess; or you can rent a storage unit and say goodbye to clutter.

Let’s assume, for the moment, you don’t want to move into a new home, and let’s assume quite a few of those possessions are things you actually want to keep.  That leaves you with only one solution: go rent a mini storage unit.

The cost of mini storage is not prohibitive

Despite what you might imagine, the cost of a mini storage unit will not break your bank.  You can rent a 5’x5’ storage space for less than fifty bucks per month, and before you claim that fifty bucks per month is more money than you can afford, we would counter that you probably spend more than that on mochas and lattes in a given month, so what this really calls for is a rearrangement of priorities. What is more important: holding onto your prized possessions, and reclaiming your home and yard, or sipping a chocolate drink?

5’x5’ isn’t much room, you say?

You just might be surprised.  Twenty-five square feet is enough room to store a room of furniture.  If you box things properly, and stack wisely, you can literally store over one-hundred boxes of “stuff” in that space.  Surely you don’t have one-hundred boxes of stuff you need to store, so you are going to solve all of your storage issues for under fifty bucks per month.

Problem solved!

About Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

We are homeowners ourselves, so we understand.  At our Fort Worth storage facilities, we treat your possessions like they are our own.  Secure self storage for very little money, and the peace of mind that goes along with that promise.

Give us a call and we will tell you what your options are and what those options will cost you with cheap storage units.