Self storage units are about as plentiful as bluebonnets on the Texas range, and quite frankly it is tough for people to decide which one to choose from so many.  Hopefully, then, this article will be helpful if you are considering renting mini storage in the near future.  This article will give you five things you should expect when renting from storage facilities.  If you don’t receive all five of these things, move on to the next self storage company.

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These, then, are the five things you should expect when renting self storage.

Great price

This is a highly-competitive business.  At Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, our smallest storage unit starts at $40 per month.  Consider that the standard when looking at storage units.  And a word to smart shoppers: keep an eye out for specials and discounts.  If you pay close attention as you shop for self storage, you may find a price below that $40 standard, or you may find a move-in special with a free month tossed in as enticement.

24/7 security

If there is not 24/7 security, like video monitoring, like key-card access, like an alert staff, do not rent from that facility.  24/7 security is the standard. These are your possessions, and they have value to you.  Do not accept anything less than total security.

On-site management

You drive up to the storage facility, you should expect the management to be on-site and available should you need them.  Problems arise.  Questions arise.  You are paying monthly to have those questions answers and those problems solved.  Do not rent from a storage facility that does not have on-site management available.

Easy access

You drive in, you drive out, you access your storage unit without problems, easy-peasy, no special driving skills needed, wide aisles making your job easy as you access your storage unit.  This should be standard no matter where, in the facility, your unit is located.

Aid in determining the size of unit to rent

What is the #1 question we are asked at Blue Mound 287? What size storage unit do we need? People don’t know and really, why should they?  It is a specialized skill, determining the right size unit for the possessions needing storage, and our trained staff knows this. We can help you in finding the right fit for your possessions so that you don’t pay for space you don’t need, and you should expect that from any storage facility you rent from.

We have actually seen some storage facility managers point to a chart when asked what size unit the customer should rent . . . point to a chart! That is unacceptable.  At Blue Mound 287, a real-life human being will ask real questions and have real sound advice for you.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

We are locally owned and operated, one of Fort Worth’s best, and we invite you to call us today. We invite you to ask your questions, and we invite you to pay us a visit so you can see what a professional storage facility really looks like.