A mini storage unit can bring you happiness and contentment!

Read on to find out how, and if you want more information you can call us at (817) 439-1380.  We live and breathe storage solutions.

We’re talking to you about storage intentions

It’s that time of year for New Year’s Resolutions.  Some out there are determined to lose twenty pounds.  Others are eager to start that home business they have dreamed about for years, while still others are looking to improve their lives by finding a new job.

And then there are those who are living under a veritable mountain of accumulation.  Does this sound like you:  you didn’t put up Christmas decorations this year because you couldn’t find them? You open a closet door and get hit in the head by a falling pile of family belongings (that tennis racket hurt, didn’t it?). You can’t find the tools for a home repair, or the trimmer for the backyard beautification project.  The car hasn’t seen the inside of your garage for over a year, your home office now houses kids’ toys, and the bathroom actually is now a storage space for extra sheets and blankets.

You need a mini storage unit!

Quit denying it and take the pledge now!  You shouldn’t be embarrassed.  It happens to every home owner sooner or later.  The possessions simply take over the home, like some low-budget Japanese horror movie, The Attack of the American Dream!  You are a victim of your own purchasing power, and it is now time for you to act with determination, or be consumed by your stuff.

Call your local self storage facility now!

Around forty or fifty bucks per month! That’s what a 5’x5’ storage unit will cost you. Or put it another way, your peace of mind will cost you $600 per year.  Not a bad price to pay for your sanity, is it?

So what excuse do you have now?  It’s too far to drive when you want to look at your family photographs?  Seriously, that’s your excuse?  You haven’t looked at those photos for five years because you couldn’t get to them.  At least by renting a storage unit you’ll know where they are.

We’ve heard all the excuses and they are all just that . . . excuses!  Storage facilities are accessible 24/7, 365. They are secure and they are close by your home, no matter which city you live in.  Forty or fifty bucks per month is a small price to pay for security, peace of mind, and a clutter-free environment at home.  And hey, it just might save your marriage by giving your wife a place to park her car.

We know what we are talking about. We’ve been finding storage solutions for folks in Fort Worth for several decades now.  No matter what it is you need . . . boat storage, trailer storage, air conditioned storage, small storage units, or large storage units, we have it at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Call us and let’s talk storage solutions!  Let’s make 2020 a clutter-free year for you.