How does one go about choosing a mini storage?  In any city of any size, there are always several, if not dozens, of storage facilities to choose from.  Which is the best for you?  We will investigate several criteria upon which you can build an answer to that question.

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Choosing mini storage comes down to four main factors . . .

And those factors are cost, location, availability, and security.  Let’s take a look at all four and give you some things to think about before making a decision.

Because mini storages are so prevalent in most cities, their costs are fairly similar and competitive. Depending on the size of storage you need, you can plan on paying in the $30-$100 per month range.  You can add on an extra $50-$100 per month for climate controlled storage.  Where you can save money is on the move-in specials you might find at any given self storage facility.  One month free . . . two months free . . . those types of savings can be considerable depending on how long you will need the storage.  If you are renting a storage unit for six months at $40 per month, but if you get the first month free, your actual monthly cost is $35 per month spread over the six month period, so keep those specials in mind when making your decision, and for goodness sake remember to ask about specials before signing a contract.  Practically all storage facilities have move-in specials.

The location of the storage facility

This is fairly self-explanatory.  With all other factors the same i.e. cost, choose the storage facility closest to your home or business for quick access.  Of course, with freeways and major arterials (not to mention traffic) patterns, the closest mini storage might not be the easiest or quickest to get to, so consider that as well.

Availability of the mini storage

We will combine availability and accessibility under one subheading here.  Not only how available storage units are, but how easy are they to gain access to?  Do you have 24/7 access to your belongings.  Are the aisles wide for easy ingress and egress?

And finally, how secure are your belongings?

How much protection do you get for your buck?  The very least you should expect is a gated facility with individual locks on each storage unit.  Extra security measures like video surveillance and a live-in property manager are bonuses which cannot be ignored.  With such a competitive market in most cities, it pays to shop around for that added measure of security and peace of mind.

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