Have you ever rented a self storage unit, only to visit that storage unit two months later, in search of an item, and completely forgotten where that item is in your 10’x20’s storage unit?

Have you ever gone to your storage space, and the item you need is buried way in the back, with access blocked by thirty boxes and two chairs?

This article can help you so that those types of situations don’t happen to you and believe us, they will happen to you if you don’t learn to organize.

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Now, let’s get you organized!

Use hard-topped boxes, same size if possible

As we have mentioned in many of our previous articles about self storage, you should pack small items, paperwork, dishes, etc, in same-size boxes, and those boxes must have sturdy tops so you can stack them on top of one another.  Space is gained by stacking, and space equals money.  Word to the wise: if you use plastic totes, you can easily stack six or seven of them without worry of them falling over.

Label each box in self storage unit

Yes, this is time-consuming at first, but it will save you hours of time later when it comes time to find something.  Take the time to label every single box/tote, and make that label detailed. Do not leave out a thing in the labeling.

Items which you are sure will be needed, in the near future, should be stacked on top. Items you are certain you will not need should be on the bottom of the stack.

Place boxes on one side, furniture items on the others, aisle in-between

There is nothing worse in mini storage than climbing over bicycles and exercise machines, and moving a couch, simply to access one box buried in the far back of the unit.  You can avoid a mountain of aggravation by stacking boxes and other small items on one side of the storage unit, and placing all large furniture on the other side.  Make an aisle in-between so you can walk down the middle of the storage unit and access both sides of it.  This is the only way to avoid madness later on. Trust us! We’ve been doing this for a long, long time.

Make a map of your self storage unit, in detail

Yes, a map, a detailed map, and tape that map just inside the door of the storage unit so anyone can easily find an item in that unit.

Shelves if needed

Most renters don’t know this, but many mini storage facilities allow shelves inside the storage unit. Take advantage of this space-saving idea, especially if you have an abundance of small items and boxes.

We have more tips, and we invite you to call us for them, but if you were to follow these tips found here, your storage life will suddenly become hassle-free.

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