Everyone is interested in saving money, right? Well read on, because we are about to tell you how to save money when renting a mini storage unit. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the great people of Fort Worth. Call us at 817-439-1380 for more information about self storage.

Now, though, let’s talk about steps you can take which will save you money when renting a mini storage unit.

Pack properly in proper containers

A 5’x5’ storage unit is 25 square feet of horizontal floor space, but it is also eight or ten feet high, meaning it is actually 200-250 cubic feet of storage space.  Vertical space is something many renters do not think about; consequently, it goes wasted.

Pack your items in strong boxes or plastic tote containers which can be stacked one on top of the other. That way you take advantage of that vertical space, and that way you will be able to rent a smaller storage unit.  Remember this simple saying: vertical is your friend; horizontal will cost you in the end.

Leave the large stuff at home

A sofa takes up a lot of room in a storage unit.  So does a refrigerator, and so does patio furniture.  Find somewhere else to store those items, somewhere which will not cost you a monthly fee, somewhere like a relatives unused garage, or a friend’s basement.  Yes, the next size storage unit might only cost an extra twenty bucks per month, but that is $240 per year, and it is money you are wasting if you have other alternatives for those large items.

Look for specials

Specials happen every day at storage facilities. This is a competitive industry. Any city of ten thousand people or more will have a couple storage facilities at least; in a city like Fort Worth, there are literally dozens to choose from.  In order to attract customers to their location, a storage company will offer monthly specials, or move-in specials.

Shop around! Find those specials.  You could easily save yourself the cost or renting a storage unit for a month or two simply by making a few phone calls.

Purge before storing

We should probably have put this at the top of the list.  Have a garage sale and get rid of anything you don’t need.  Our rule of thumb: if you don’t use something in a calendar year, it can’t be that important to you.  Purging can easily save you the cost of one size of storage unit, and one size of storage unit will save you twenty or thirty dollars per month.

Share a mini storage unit with someone else

This idea is worth considering. Maybe you have a friend who is also thinking about renting a mini storage. Ask that friend if he/she wants to split the cost of a storage unit.  Let’s say a 5’x5’ costs you $45 per month, but let’s say a 5’x10’ will only cost $75. If you split the use of that larger unit, you and your friend will only be paying $38 per month each instead of $45.

It’s worth considering, right?

Employ those tips and we guarantee you will save money the next time you need to rent a mini storage unit.

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