Yes, there is a right way and a wrong way when shopping for mini storage, and in this article, we are going to show you the right way. So, before you sing that storage unit contract, read this article and call us at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. We have the answers you need to make an informed decision.

Not all storage facilities are the same

Some storage facilities have 24/7 access, like Blue Mound 287 Self Storage. Some do not.  Some have wide aisles for easy access. Some do not. Some are centrally-located near major arterials. Some are tough to get to.  Some have state-of-the-art security, and go the extra mile to protect your belongings. Some are, shall we say, a bit lax about security.

Be aware of what you are paying for before you sign that lease agreement.

Competition drives prices down

This is an important factor to remember: there are so many storage facilities out there, which means that prices are fairly standard across the spectrum.  This is good news for you.  You can insist upon excellent security for secure self storage.  You can insist upon good location and easy access, and in most instances, you will not pay extra for any of those things.  In other words, why settle for second-best when the best costs the same?

Remember, too, that competition means special deals are the norm.  Look for deals like “first month free” or “25% off first six months.”  The consumer will always benefit from competition, so look around and take advantage of your fortuitous situation.

Find the storage unit which best fits your needs

With so many to choose from, it is easy to find what you are looking for in a storage unit, just as it is easy to find auto storage or boat storage at storage facilities.

What size storage unit do you need? The storage facility staff can help you with that, and most websites will have an easy-to-follow instructional insert which will guide you in choosing the unit you need.  Units at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage range from 5’x5’ to 20’x30’, so all you need do is find the one which best fits your needs.

Find the storage unit which WILL best fit your future needs

Look to the future when renting as storage unit.  Will you need the same size six months in the future, or a year in the future?  Would it be wise to rent a size up from what you now need, in order to avoid moving into a new storage unit in six months? We can’t begin to tell you the number of times we have seen customers “rent up” in size six months after moving into a storage unit, so this is a word to the wise.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

We are locally owned and operated. We have state-of-the-art security with on-site management. We have competitive pricing, 24/7 access, and a friendly staff who would be happy to show you around and answer any questions you might have. Call us today and tell us what you need.