What do you think of when you hear “indoor boat storage?”  Do you think marinas? Do you think expensive? Those are the first two responses most people give when presented with that question.

What if we gave you an alternative that has nothing to do with marinas and which is inexpensive?  Would you be interested?

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth, Texas.  Our area is literally speckled with lakes, and the number of boats in our area is easily in the thousands.  We know a thing or two about boat storage, and whether you live in Fort Worth or not, this information will save you money. Call us at (817) 439-1380 for more information.

Why not a marina for boat storage?

Marina boat storage? During peak season of summer?  Can you say uber-expensive?   That’s’ like the fly stopping by the spider’s web and asking if there are any camping sites.  You are going to pay dearly for indoor boat storage, at a marina, in the summer.  Period!  Marinas have no reason to give discounts during summer months.  They are in the perfect seller’s situation: demand is high and they have what people are demanding.  If you are looking for low indoor boat storage prices during the summer months, look practically anywhere other than a marina.

So where should you look for indoor boat storage?

Look to your local self storage facilities for an inexpensive solution to your boat storage problem.  As you are well-aware of, practically every city in the U.S. with over five-thousand people in it has  storage facilities nearby, and usually more than one to choose from.  In areas where water is plentiful and boating activities are numerous, you better believe mini storage units are nearby, and those mini storage companies most likely offer auto and boat storage in addition to their normal storage units.

What can you expect to pay for indoor boat storage at a self storage facility?

We can’t give you a definitive answer.  We can only answer for Blue Mound 287.  Our indoor boat storage, a 12’x30’ indoor space, costs $124 per month, summer or winter.  Compare that to marina boat storage, comparable size storage unit, on average $220 per month for dry storage.

Which sounds better to you?

A couple things to consider about mini storage options

Make sure the storage facility you choose has easy access to the individual units.  Parking a boat takes extra room, and nobody wants the hassle of removing a boat from a tight space.  You also want that boat accessible at all hours, day and night, so that you can go catch those fish anytime you want, or go for a nice boat ride anytime you want.

Also check on climate controlled storage. Many places offer this option. It will cost you a few more dollars, but it can easily save you thousands of dollars in repairs from weather-related damage.

Boat storage at a marina?  You can do better!  Call Blue Mound 287 for more information.  Why pay more for  indoor boat storage than you have to?