Please note the title says indoor storage unit advantages and not just indoor storage advantages.  We will point out the difference between those two shortly.

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Indoor storage unit vs indoor storage

Indoor storage simply means storing your possessions inside somewhere. It could be in your best friend, Joe’s, garage. It could be in the barn out back on your acreage.  It could be in your parents’ attic.  All three solutions are indoors; unfortunately, all three are severely lacking in one way or another.

Garages can be broken into. Garages are susceptible to rodents.  Barns are usually infested with rodents, they are dirty, they are dusty, and unless you have hermetically sealed the boxes, that dirt and dust will get inside them.  And your parents’ attic? Really? Let’s not go there at all.

And all three aforementioned solutions are prone to extreme temperatures, which is another problem all together.

You need a better solution, one provided by storage units.

Storage units are, in many cases, secure. They are free of rodents and insects. And they are not, and we repeat they are not, in your parents’ house.

Secure self storage

Secure self storage means safe from vandals, safe from thieves, and safe from rodents and insects.  It means your possessions are, in a word, safe, provided the storage facility you go to takes security seriously.

What do we mean by taking security seriously with an indoor storage unit? Do they have a fenced perimeter? Do they have surveillance cameras? Do they have on-site management patrolling the grounds? And do they have computerized, individualized access key cards to enter the main gate and the storage units?

All four security measures mean your possessions are safe and sound.  Anything less than that decreases the security.

Climate control self storage.

Why climate control self storage for an indoor storage unit? Because extreme temperatures can damage certain possessions such as electronics, surfaces like wood and leather, the discoloring of fabrics.  Extreme temperatures can cause rust.  And it can all be avoided by renting climate control storage units which keep the temperature at a constant temperature.

Will it cost a bit extra? Yes!  You need to decide how important those possessions are.  If we are talking about car storage, RV self storage, or boat storage units, we believe climate control is very important in order to protect a major investment.

A final word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.

Rodents? We don’t do rodents at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage.  Climate control? Yes, we do climate control.  Security? All four levels in effect daily.  Great customer service? It’s our middle name.

Blue Mound 287 Self Storage is locally owned and operated, and we have whatever you need to keep all of your possessions safe.  And, if you are into  hobbies, we also have small hobby units or rent.

Call us today and ask us about current prices and availability.  Month to month leases are fine; there is no long-term commitments.