Is climate controlled storage worth the extra money you will pay for it?  Truthfully, only you can answer that question, but we can give some guidelines to consider regarding climate control self storage, and that’s what we will do in this article.

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, a leader in the mini storage industry in Fort Worth, Texas. Call us at 817-439-1380 for information about self storage in the Fort Worth area.  Now, though, let’s talk about climate controlled storage and whether it is worth it to you.

How much more will you pay for climate controlled storage?

Generally speaking, the price of climate controlled storage increases as the size of the storage unit increases.  For example, a 5’x5’ storage unit at Blue Mound 287 costs $$45 per month, but the same unit with climate control costs $51 per month.  A 10’x30’x unit costs $195, but with climate control it will cost $215 per month.

Please note that these prices are for Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth. Prices vary from storage company to storage company, but these prices quotes are fairly representative of what you will pay in most reputable storage facilities.

Why you would want climate controlled storage

Climate controlled storage is further protection against dust, water, sunlight, and extreme temperatures, and it is the last of those which is most important. Extreme temperatures can damage most materials and surfaces through a process called oxidation.  Metal surfaces, cloth surfaces, leather surfaces, all can be damaged by oxidation.  Electronics can be damaged by extreme temperatures, as can artwork.

In addition, if you are using your storage unit as a crafting room, or a hobby room, you will certainly want climate control to protect you from the extreme heat or cold.

Is it worth it to you?

We cannot answer this question for you.  We would, however, suggest you stop and think about the ramifications of damage vs cost of protection.  Five extra dollars per month on a 5’x5’ unit is $60 per year for protection.  If your computer is damaged by the extreme temperatures, or your art collection, or the leather upholstery of your furniture, it will cost a great deal more than $60 to replace or repair those things.

Is that kind of protection worth $60 to you? We can only tell you this: we have seen this kind of damage happen time and time again with customers who did not think they needed climate controlled storage.  After the damage happened, they sure wish they had opted for protection, especially when they found out their insurance wouldn’t cover the damage.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

Call Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, locally owned and operated, for all of your storage needs, including car storage, boat storage, RV storage, and trailer storage.  We have the capabilities to keep all of your belongings safe, and you have our promise that our secure self storage facility offers the very best in security.  We didn’t become one of the best self storage facilities in Fort Worth by accident. We worked at it, and we continue to do so.