Despite the fact that millions of Americans use mini storage daily, we are aware of the fact that there are still about three-hundred million Americans who do not know the first thing about how self storage works. This guide, then, is for those three-hundred million. This is Mini Storage Guide 101, a beginner’s primer for all things having to do with the rental of a storage unit.

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Now, let’s answer some questions you might have.

How much does mini storage cost?

We will use information about our own facility, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, in this guide.  Prices are fairly standard across the U.S., give or take a few dollars per unit, so what we tell you is simply a guide.

For our smallest storage unit, a 5’x5’, you will pay $45 per month. The next size up is a 5’x10’, which costs $75 per month. Our largest unit is a 20’x30’ which costs $345 per month.  In addition, if you will be wanting climate controlled storage, you will pay a bit extra for that. The $45 per month for a small unit would cost $51 for climate control; the $75 unit would cost $81, and the large unit would cost $430 per month.

What size are the mini storage units?

As stated earlier, the storage units range from the smallest, a 5’x5’, to the largest, 20’x30’, with about six or seven options in-between those two extremes.

What size do you need?  We can’t answer that, but we do have a storage guide which will tell you how much you can realistically store in any of our various sizes, and we have professionals who will give you their professional opinions.

What can be stored in storage facilities?

Extra furniture, boxes, you name it, it can be stored in a mini storage. We even have auto storage, boat storage, RV storage, and trailer storage. About the only things you can’t store are perishables, combustibles, and obviously illegal items.

What is the length of a rental contract?

You rent a storage unit by the month. Most storage buildings do not have a minimum or maximum rental period. If you only want a storage unit for one month, great! If you want one for a year, great!  You choose the rental plan which works best for you.

How available are storage units?

The quick answer to this question is this: very available.  There are many storage facilities in Fort Worth. There are many in any city of a decent size.  The only concern anyone should have is in the availability of the size storage unit you need. There may be, at any given time, a shortage of 5’x5’ units. There may be a shortage of 5’x10’ units, that sort of thing, but an overall shortage of all storage units in a city? That does not happen!

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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