Although it may seem like mini storage has been with us forever, in truth the first self storage units did not appear in the United States until the mid-1960’s, and they first made an appearance in Texas.

Fast-forward to today and there are over 50,000 storage facilities in the United States, and that number is growing rapidly.  Americans want, and need, their mini storage. The four D’s of the industry, death, divorce, downsizing, and dislocation, constantly provide reasons for people to store their belongings for months if not years, and over the years, the need for larger storage solutions has grown.

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Traditional mini storage

As mentioned earlier, the first mini storage appeared in Texas.  A fact very few people outside of Texas know, but Texas homes do not traditionally have basements. Because of that, Texans needed extra room for their belongings/possessions, and thus the need for mini storage was born.

As possessions increased, and personal wealth increased, the need for bigger storage units grew, from the original 5’x5’ storage unit to the larger ones today which measure 20’x30’, room enough for an entire house full of furniture.

Going bigger

And, if people need room to store extra lawn furniture, they certainly also need room to storage bigger items, items not traditionally thought of as items for self storage facilities, items like the following.

Auto storage

Why not? A 10’x10’x storage unit can certainly hold a car in it.  Make the aisles wide enough for turning the car and backing it into the storage unit, and you instantly have great auto storage, especially if you include climate controlled storage to protect that car from extreme temperatures.

Boat storage

And if mini storage is good enough for auto storage, why not boat storage? Again, climate controlled, room to back up the boat trailer, and you have a perfect alternative to dry storage at a marina.

RV storage

Is that 30-foot RV an eyesore in your neighborhood? Are the neighbors looking at you with a tinge of anger for ruining the vibe on your block?  Storing your RV at a self storage business just might be the perfect solution, and it will keep peace in your ‘hood.

Trailer storage

Great solution for truckers in-between long-hauls: park the trailer at a self storage company. Most self-storage facilities are near major highways and freeways for easy access.  Just drive your rig to the self storage, hook up the trailer, and take off to pick-up your merchandise for delivery.  It couldn’t be simpler.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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