In this article, we are going to tell you why mini storage is a viable alternative for those looking to go small and downsize their lives.  You do not have to have a garage sale, estate sale, or give everything away to Goodwill.  You do have an option, an option which will allow you to downsize your home while keeping many of the things which have emotional importance to you.

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Now, let’s talk about downsizing and self storage options.

The reasons for downsizing

Downsizing is the rage today. Going small is THE movement in America in the 2020s, for sure. Tiny houses are sprouting up all over.  People are selling off everything and going RVing full-time. There are television shows on nearly ever cable network to help people learn about going small, and we understand the appeal of it.  Less expenses, less clutter, and a simpler way of life . . . what’s not to love about that scenario?

The usual approach is to have a yard sale, get rid of everything that is not essential to your happiness, and then find a smaller place to live, a place which is less expensive and which takes less effort for upkeep.

We get it! We really do.  Our only question is this: why get rid of everything you cherish in order to make your smaller world a dream?

But some possessions are just too important to let go of

There are things which are simply too important to let go of, and you know that’s true.  Anyone who owns a house has those items. They have emotional value, and there is nothing wrong with emotional value.  It gives us warm and fuzzy feelings to be surrounded by mementos of our past, and those feelings are an important part of being human.

Do you really want to sell them off?

You don’t have to, you know!

The low, low price of mini storage

For less than fifty dollars per month, you can rent a 5’x5’ storage unit, offering 25 square feet of horizontal storage, and 200 cubic feet of storage.  You can pile a whole lot of emotional value into 200 cubic feet of secure self storage.

Fifty dollars per month . . what is that, less than you spend on coffee each month? Less than you spend on entertainment, going out to dinner, going to movies, streaming television channels?  Which leads to this question: which is more important to a downsizer, streaming Netflix or holding on to those items in your life which provide emotional comfort?

Make it even less expensive by teaming up with a mini storage

Is fifty dollars too much? Team up with another downsizer and split the cost of a storage unit with them. Now you’re talking about twenty-five dollars per month for emotional comfort, a small price to pay.

A word about Blue Mound 287 Self Storage

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