If you are like most Americans, you absolutely hate spring cleaning, but renting a cheap storage unit will alleviate all of the angst you have stored up inside of you.

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The biggest problem with spring cleaning

We can only speak from our perspective and experience, but to us, the biggest problem with spring cleaning is the guilt it gives birth to.  Guilt?  Allow us to explain!

One goes into spring cleaning with the purpose of purging and arranging and organizing, correct?  And those lofty goals mean some things in your accumulation of things must go, correct?  Therein lies the rub, as the Brits love to say.  It’s hard to get rid of our possessions? It’s hard to say goodbye to our son’s first bicycle.  You never know when that old set of lawn furniture will come in handy. Why get rid of that playground set when grandkids might be arriving in a couple years?

The plain simple fact is this: our possessions usually have sentimental value to us, and that makes them difficult to get rid of.

So don’t get rid of them!  Rent a cheap storage unit instead!

How cheap are storage units?

You can rent a 5’x5’ mini storage unit for right around $50 per month, give or take a couple bucks,  depending on your location.  Do the math and you come up with $600 per year for peace of mind.  Fifty bucks per month to reclaim your garage and your back yard; fifty bucks per month to find out what color the carpet is in your spare bedroom; we are sure you will agree that peace of mind and sentimentality are worth fifty bucks per month.

The beauty of storage spaces

They are accessible 24/7, 365 each year.  Whenever you need to access your possessions, you can access them.  And they are secure! Almost all storage units are located within a gated enclave. The main gate has a lock and the individual storage units have locks.  Your possessions are infinitely safer in a storage unit than they are in your home, and that’s a cold, hard fact.

And what if you decide a storage unit is not for you?

Rent by the month and don’t worry about it. If, after two months, you decide that a storage building is not right for you, cancel your contract.  It’s really that simple.

And one more word of advice: check out move-in specials if you decide to try a mini storage.  You just might save yourself some serious cash by taking advantage of those specials.

Spring cleaning is a walk in the park with a cheap storage unit. Consider it your home away from home, a second home for your prized possessions and memories, a place you can visit whenever you need to,  all the while feeling quite virtuous for having accomplished your spring cleaning.

Contact us if you have questions about the whole mini storage experience!