Options for Vehicle Storage

There are several options for vehicle storage available to you.  Which you choose depends on your available funds and the specific needs you have regarding car storage.  Let’s explore those points and, after you have read this article, if you still have questions, call us at (817) 439-1380.

The least expensive vehicle storage option . . .

This is the least expensive and also the one which offers the least in amenities.  Find someone who is not using their garage and store your car there while you are away.  Of course, if you have a garage of your own, this option becomes simpler still.  One word of caution with this option: make sure it is possible to lock your garage, or your friend’s garage, vandalism being what it is.

Secure self storage

This is your next option, renting a storage unit at storage facilities. It brings with it extra cost, in the neighborhood of $50-$100 per month, but at the very least you know your car is safe while you are away.  You can also opt for added measures like climate controlled storage, thus keeping your vehicle safe from oxidation; you will, however, pay more for the climate control.  Make sure, if you opt for this option, that you know when access to your vehicle is available. Check also the accessibility to your vehicle, and the ease with which you can park your car and extract it from its storage unit.

Actual vehicle storage is your last option.

And this is the most expensive of your options, ranging between $250-$400 per month,  but for those who have collector cars or exotic cars, this is money well-spent.  With this option you can obtain climate controlled storage and a bevy of extras like regular car maintenance, covers, battery and oil check-ups, etc.  Remember that each option will cost but again, when talking about exotic cars, money generally is not a consideration.

Those are basically your options with regards to car storage.  Only you can decide what you need and what you can afford.  A word about climate controlled storage, since we believe it to be so important for those who live in areas of extreme heat and cold.  A prolonged period of heat, like what you see in Fort Worth where we are located, means oxidation will cause damage to your vehicle.  Oxidation will ruin cloth, leather, and wood surface, as well as electronics, all of which are found in the average vehicle. Climate controlled storage prevents that from happening and it is definitely something to consider.

We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, serving the Greater Fort Worth area.  Yes, we have vehicle storage.  Yes, we have climate controlled storage, and we believe our prices are competitive with other self storage facilities in the area.  What we can promise, and others can’t, is a dedication to all of our customers, and a promise to protect their belongings like they are our belongings.  We are locally owned and operated, meaning our customers are our neighbors, and that’s important to us.