We have supplied you with many articles about the benefits and creative uses of mini storage; it is only right, then, that we share with you a few reasons why mini storage may not be right for you.

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Now, we give you reasons why mini storage just might not be your best storage solution.

No to perishables in mini storage

There are health regulations in most cities against storing perishables in a self storage unit. Even if you rent climate controlled storage, this is a no-no.  Even if you are the most reliable, conscientious person on the planet, and you would never forget about the perishables in your storage unit, this is a bad idea. There is too great a chance you will forget about the items, keep them in storage too long, and then all manner of harmful microbes will be born.

Storing stuff you don’t want or need in a mini storage

If your reason for a storage unit is to downsize, to simplify your life, then storing excess “stuff” is against that very purpose.  Do you really need those items you are going to store? Do you really want them?  We suggest a “use test.” We suggest getting rid of items you don’t use, or need, during an entire month.  That might seem excessive to some, but if your purpose is to cut back and cut down, and you don’t need an item in your home for an entire month, then how necessary is that item?

Short term is good; long-term is iffy

We probably shouldn’t say this, since self storage is our business, but people often rent a storage unit for far longer than they need it. They will come into our office, plop down money for six months, when all they needed was a storage unit for four months.  Our recommendation: rent by the month, or rent every two months. That way you won’t be throwing good money after storage you don’t need.

When times are tight

Is if just us, or does storing items, and incurring an expense, when money is tight, seem like a bad idea to anyone else?  If you are truly trying to make ends meet and pay your rent, utilities, and food bill, do you really need the extra expense of mini storage space?

Highly-expensive items

This is just us, but if we have an art piece valued at a couple-hundred thousand dollars, we are not storing that art piece in our very secure self storage.  We have the safest self-storage facility in Fort Worth, but we will still go out and find a safety deposit box in some secure bank for that art.  If the item is very valuable, look for the best in protected storage.

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