Leasing storage space is the answer to a number of your problems at home. Luckily for you we are here with an idea/suggestion which is going to make your life simpler. Call us at (817) 439-1380 for information.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your car hasn’t seen the inside of your garage in six months!  You’ve had every intention of cleaning out the garage and making room for your Toyota, but life just keeps getting in the way and now, well, the job looks too monumental to even consider tackling . . . or . .  .

You went to put Christmas decorations up this last holiday season but you couldn’t find them. They were buried under months of accumulation somewhere in the garage.  By the time you found them, Santa had come and gone and he was sipping a Pina Colada on some beach in the Caribbean . . . or . . .

Your son wants you to help him build a science project, but some of the tools you need are buried, you guessed it, under piles of stuff you are going to one day take to Goodwill and besides, even if you found those tools, where would you use them?  How would your wife feel about you using her kitchen countertops for a work space?  Or . . .

You go to mow the lawn only to realize it would take a bulldozer to clear a path to the mower, which is stuck behind a tower of Christmas decorations . . . so you just rent a couple sheep to do the job!

If any of that sounded familiar, you are a candidate for renting a mini storage!

Are mini storage units too expensive?

Let me as you this: what is the price for some peace of mind? What is the price for your wife to stop nagging at you? What is the price of being able to park in the garage and thus know it is safe from vandalism? What price is your son’s smile worth when he sees the Christmas lights turned on next year?

Is the price less than fifty bucks, because that’s what we’re talking about for a 5’x5’ storage unit.

Isn’t that a bit small, you ask? It’s only 25 square feet!  Your problems are bigger than twenty-five square feet . . . but no . . . it is actually 200 cubic feet.  A smart job of stacking will take advantage of the eight foot ceilings, and trust  us when we tell you  that you can stack a whole lot of “stuff” into 200 cubic feet of space.

So here’s the deal:  you can go on doing what you are doing, annoying the wife, hurting your son’s feelings, and aggravating neighbors and friends with your whining, or you can stop by the closest self storage buildings and rent a storage unit.  It’s your choice.  One decision brings you misery. The other brings you happiness and contentment.

Call us for more information. We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage in Fort Worth. We have the answers to your clutter-free happiness. We have solutions to your problems with safe self storage.  We can make your car happy again by restoring your garage.