There are several reasons why you would rent a mini storage after the holidays.  Let’s look at those options and then consider your options regarding renting storage space.

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Gift receiving means more space needed

If you are a family which gives Christmas gifts, you will undoubtedly receive two or three large gifts.  You will either receive a new patio table display, or a motor scooter, a new lawnmower or a new generator for the family.  Perhaps it will just be a flood of smaller gifts.  Whatever the case may be,  all of those new gifts will need a place to be stored in, and if you are like most homeowners, you are already at capacity for storage space.  What to do?

Rent a mini storage for a temporary solution until you work out a more permanent solution.  One of the nice advantages of renting self storage is the fact that you can rent month-to-month.  You are not tied into a long-range rental plan.  For less than fifty bucks per month you can rent a storage unit which will give you ample storage space and alleviate the overcrowding at home.

Mini storage and New Year’s Resolutions

One of the busiest times in the self storage business is right after the holidays.  People are pumped up with their New Year’s resolutions.  They are going to take on the world with a new home business, or they are going to cleanse themselves of the clutter at home.  This means they need more room at home, which means they must get rid of things, but then the angst arrives. Can they really give up some of their valued possessions simply to “make room” for a new lifestyle or business venture?

Oftentimes the answer is NO, and a self storage unit is the perfect solution.  Their possessions are safe in a storage unit, and their possessions can be accessed at any time of the night and day.  If, after three months, the New Year’s  resolution falls by the wayside, those displaced possessions can be easily retrieved.  In fact, one of the most attractive features of a storage unit is the fact that it is not permanent, that you always have an option to end the arrangement, no harm, no foul!

When we think of the holidays we are, quite frankly, a little shocked more people don’t take advantage of the mini storage solution.  For a very small amount of money, a whole lot of angst can be eliminated, and you can start your New Year with a cleansed state of mind.

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