That’s what happens when you rent a mini storage . . . you simplify your life!  And spring cleaning is one of those activities which demand simplification!  We at Blue Mound 287 Self Storage are eager to tell you, and how you, how renting a mini storage can make life easier for you in the spring. Call us at (817) 439-1380.

There are two types of spring cleaning

There is the type where you go absolutely crazy and purge yourself of practically everything you own, and there is the more reasonable approach of just getting rid of things you no longer need. In the first scenario, all you need is a dump truck or to make a call to your local Goodwill. They will gladly come and pick up all of your belongings.

In the second scenario, you have a garage sale, or load up your pickup truck with excess, and you get rid of stuff you haven’t used in ten years . . . but all too often that still leaves you with clutter.  Let’s face it, most people rent or purchase a home based on the amount of belongings they have at the time of the rental or purchase . . . and then they start accumulating other things.  Pretty soon the garage is no longer the home of your vehicle.  Pretty soon that spare bedroom is buried under piles of toys.  Pretty soon you need extra storage space.

It’s time to visit a self storage business

Don’t be afraid! Self storage businesses are there to help you and no, they are not expensive.  Take our business, Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, for example.  You can rent a 5’x5’ storage unit for around $50 per month at Blue Mound. That’s 25 square feet or 125 cubic feet or storage space, and that is more than enough storage space to help you reclaim your garage or spare bedroom.

Fifty bucks a month for peace of mind!  That’s ten flavored coffees from a barista, or five small pizzas . . . that’s a smaller cable package or one less visit to the liquor store per month.  It’s all a matter of priorities.  How important is your peace of mind? How important are those things which have taken over your home? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone in the family if you just spent the money on  a storage space and be done with all the clutter?

Rent by the month for 24/7 access and secure self storage; you don’t have to make a major commitment of a year or longer. Do your spring cleaning, rent a storage unit for a couple months, and see how it all works out.  Know that your stuff is completely protected, know that you can access it any old time you want, and know that you can then move around your house without worrying about tripping over clutter.

Call us and let’s discuss your clutter-free future! We are Blue Mound 287 Self Storage, locally owned and operated in Fort Worth with close to thirty years of experience in self storage. We have the answers you need at a price you can afford.